DreamSmart Joins Hands with VSPO to Explore the Unbounded Integration of Intelligent Travel and E-sports

SHANGHAI, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 20, DreamSmart and VSPO held the signing ceremony for their strategic cooperation in Shanghai. Su Jing, CEO of DreamSmart, and Ying Shuling, chairman of the board of directors of VSPO, signed the contract on behalf of the two parties.

(Ying Shuling, chairman of the board of directors of VSPO (left) and Su Jing (right), CEO of DreamSmart at the signing site.)

The two parties signed a contract for extensive cooperation in the field of e-sports in the future. DreamSmart and VSPO will work together to promote e-sports among young people in a more in-depth manner through various dimensions such as brands and products. Su Jing, CEO of DreamSmart, said that VSPO is an e-sports company that stands for youth, passion, honor and dreams, while DreamSmart is a technology company that keeps boosting creativity through leading technology to provide young people with more personalized and leading high-end products. The brand concepts of the two companies are naturally compatible. DreamSmart will work with VSPO to explore the integration of intelligent travel and e-sports, so as to bring users a new experience. DreamSmart is willing to accompany every talented young person who dares to think and fight for a win to seek F.I.R.S.T in their minds – unbounded integration, endless competition, continuous innovation, teamwork, and continuous growth make champions.

E-sports is rapidly becoming a part of the lifestyle of contemporary young people. It is not only a popular topic in the field of culture and sports, but also represents an emerging industrial economy. As the world’s leading e-sports event operator, VSPO is committed to creating content and products that e-sports fans around the world love, and promoting e-sports to become a more influential new generation of sports and entertainment. Ying Shuling, chairman of the board of directors of VSPO, said that “through this cooperation with VSPO, we will explore more possibilities of linking to the e-sports industry, so as to create more interesting, vivid and pleasing experience scenarios for e-sports fans and jointly promote the new development of e-sports integration.” Through this cooperation, DreamSmart and VSPO will empower each other to open up a new arena with their rich resources and experience in the fields of intelligent travel and e-sports.

To show the first implementation result of this strategic cooperation, at the signing site, DreamSmart announced that it will sponsor the BLG League of Legends branch, while the BLG League of Legends branch will help DreamSmart and its subsidiary brands enhance their popularity among e-sports fans through IP licensing, fan activities, co-branded products, etc.

BLG (Bilibili Gaming) was founded in 2017 and has set up the League of Legends branch, the VALORANT branch and other branches. It has participated in many high-profile e-sports events around the world, including but not limited to the League of Legends World Championship and the League of Legends Mid-Season Championship. This year, it achieved great performance by becoming the champion in the Spring Season of the League of Legends Pro League and the runner-up in the 2024 Mid-Season Championship.

DreamSmart is a cross-sector platform for full-stack smart terminal technologies. Based on the concept of “smartphones + XR + smart EVs”, DreamSmart promotes the integration and synergy between the two industries of consumer electronics and automotive, aiming to build a global intelligent travel technology ecosystem. In the future, DreamSmart will launch the first intelligent electric vehicle product based on the new product customization ecology derived from e-sports, and join hands with VSPO to continue to innovate in the field of intelligent technology around the integration technology, design aesthetics, brand accumulation and product layout, and connect to young people more deeply to provide users with a multi-terminal, full-scenario, and immersive integration experience.

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